When it comes to night life the offer is enormous. It seems that cities are competing among each other in this discipline. No wonder every city is prettier during the night than by day. Take a Paris for example! During a day it is a regular European city with enormous boulevards, but when the sun disappears, it turns in a pure magic. Not to mention Tour Eiffel that sparkles every hour and gives you an impression of every evening is a New Year’s Eve. Still, we can name three most visited in the world.

Las Vegas

This city it a place where is allowed to be bad, furthermore the more you are bad, the better you will feel. No wonder why there is an expression:  “What happens in Vegas stays there”. It is a place where it is required to break the rules. About 40% of “accident” marriages happen in this crazy place. If you want to have a completely different experience in your entire life, go to Vegas.


Another city where everything is allowed is so-called European Las Vegas, that is, Amsterdam. Here you can find a lot of fun; you can enjoy their brownies and try something that is forbidden in most of the countries in the world. Besides these advantages of a city, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, especially during the spring.


The newest and the most beautiful creation of a modern world is this city. Thanks to their black gold source, Emirates managed to build the most impressive sight in the world. The tallest buildings, the most unusual structures will leave you breathless. Not to mention how speechless you are going to be after you experience the most luxurious night life that you have ever seen. Even if you are not rich, you will be satisfied with the sight and a modern “landscape” that a human force managed to create.

No matter which city you decide to visit, keep in mind that five days isn’t enough. If you want to see everything and experience them properly, you need to visit it several times or to stay longer than usual.