Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer

Cape Town, South Africa

One of the trendiest cities in Africa, Capet Town has a thriving design/art scene. The surrounding mountains and the sandy beaches will be the perfect backdrop for the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art scene, opening in 2017. This establishment has already been labeled the „South Africa’s Tate Modern, “ and it is to be set in a tall grain storage building.

Hamburg, Germany

The town of trade and fairs, this port has always carried the label of one of the most intriguing cities Germany has.The reconstruction of the shipyards created a wonderful architectural achievement. The banks of Elbe now host the new River Promenade. The new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is an ode to creativity. It is a completely new building sitting atop of an old brick warehouse.

La Paz, Bolivia

This town is a Mecca for backpackers, but not attracts a wider audience of travelers. A true cultural megalopolis, La Paz is the hometown of Mi Telerifico, a network of trams suspended in air. This aerial carriage will transport you from one end of the city to another in a few minutes. The Bolivian capital also hosts some of the finest restaurants on the continent. The fine-dining Gustu or the vegan Ali Pacha offer great new tastes for reasonable prices.

Paris, France

If you think you are in love than you haven’t visited Paris yet. This city has all, especially in the summer. Walking on the streets of Monmartre you will be able to feel the real bohemian spirit where all classes gathered for years at the beginning of the last century just to have fun. First, cafe-concerts as the first places where different social classes have fun together. Every building in Paris has its love story.

London, GB

London is always a great idea. If you want to see a living art, you should visit Covent garden where you will enjoy young student and their performances. Not to mention, you will stand on both parts of the world at the same time if you visit Grinich.

Cities With the Greatest Night Life

Cities With the Greatest Night Life

When it comes to night life the offer is enormous. It seems that cities are competing among each other in this discipline. No wonder every city is prettier during the night than by day. Take a Paris for example! During a day it is a regular European city with enormous boulevards, but when the sun disappears, it turns in a pure magic. Not to mention Tour Eiffel that sparkles every hour and gives you an impression of every evening is a New Year’s Eve. Still, we can name three most visited in the world.

Las Vegas

This city it a place where is allowed to be bad, furthermore the more you are bad, the better you will feel. No wonder why there is an expression:  “What happens in Vegas stays there”. It is a place where it is required to break the rules. About 40% of “accident” marriages happen in this crazy place. If you want to have a completely different experience in your entire life, go to Vegas.


Another city where everything is allowed is so-called European Las Vegas, that is, Amsterdam. Here you can find a lot of fun; you can enjoy their brownies and try something that is forbidden in most of the countries in the world. Besides these advantages of a city, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, especially during the spring.


The newest and the most beautiful creation of a modern world is this city. Thanks to their black gold source, Emirates managed to build the most impressive sight in the world. The tallest buildings, the most unusual structures will leave you breathless. Not to mention how speechless you are going to be after you experience the most luxurious night life that you have ever seen. Even if you are not rich, you will be satisfied with the sight and a modern “landscape” that a human force managed to create.

No matter which city you decide to visit, keep in mind that five days isn’t enough. If you want to see everything and experience them properly, you need to visit it several times or to stay longer than usual.

The World’s Top Hidden Gems

The World’s Top Hidden Gems

No matter what people try to accomplish with their constructions and cities, the most beautiful gems in the world will always be those that nature has created. No matter how human civilization is trying he will never be able to compete with Nature. No matter how human is trying, he will never be able to beat the Nature. We live only about 70 years, and her majesty is here for centuries. Here are some of them that you need to see during your lifetime.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

You probably haven’t even heard about this country. However, this small country on the South-Eastern part of Europe has a hidden treasure, extraordinary waterfalls known as Plitvice. We are not talking about just one waterfall; we are talking about 16 different terraced limestone lakes which make it so amazing, with a crystal water and beautiful landscape.

Smoo Cave, Scotland

Have you watched Jurassic Park? Well, this is something most similar to it. This massive seaside cave is simply outstanding and amazing, and it hides a beautiful waterfall that cascades 80 feet into the placid waters that are hiding below.

Lake Baikal, Russia

We believe that this country hasn’t explored all its hidden treasures yet. However, this lake is something they are proud of. It is certainly one of the oldest lakes in the world and also one of the largest one. Here you can find a diverse range of marine life that you are not going to find anywhere else. No wonder that Russia holds 20% of all world’s freshwater.

Djavolja Varos (Devil’s Town), Serbia

We believe you are not even able to pronounce its name; it has a very strange name. We have to admit everything is strange about this town, even its legend is a little bit spooky, but it is worth of seeing it. Here we are talking about a group of petrified wedding guests, according to legend the number of these guests is always the same if one guest disappears, and another one will be created. This work of art of nature has been nominated for one of the new seven wonders of nature.