Author: Lewis Coker

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer

Cape Town, South Africa One of the trendiest cities in Africa, Capet Town has a thriving design/art scene. The surrounding mountains and the sandy beaches will be the perfect backdrop for the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art scene, opening in 2017. This establishment has already been labeled the „South Africa’s Tate Modern, “ and it is to be set in a tall grain storage building. Hamburg, Germany The town of trade and fairs, this port has always carried the label of one of the most intriguing cities Germany has.The reconstruction of the shipyards created a wonderful architectural...

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Cities With the Greatest Night Life

When it comes to night life the offer is enormous. It seems that cities are competing among each other in this discipline. No wonder every city is prettier during the night than by day. Take a Paris for example! During a day it is a regular European city with enormous boulevards, but when the sun disappears, it turns in a pure magic. Not to mention Tour Eiffel that sparkles every hour and gives you an impression of every evening is a New Year’s Eve. Still, we can name three most visited in the world. Las Vegas This city it...

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The World’s Top Hidden Gems

No matter what people try to accomplish with their constructions and cities, the most beautiful gems in the world will always be those that nature has created. No matter how human civilization is trying he will never be able to compete with Nature. No matter how human is trying, he will never be able to beat the Nature. We live only about 70 years, and her majesty is here for centuries. Here are some of them that you need to see during your lifetime. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia You probably haven’t even heard about this country. However, this small country...

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